Housekeeping Services

All Timeshare guests receive: ONE(1) complimentary terry exchange.
Housekeepers DO NOT clean your unit during your stay

  • - Floors 2-8 are serviced on Tuesday
  • - Floors 9-17 are serviced on Wednesday

Please Note: Our housekeeping staff begins service on the highest floor to be serviced that day, and work down to the lowest floor. All dirty towels should be bagged and placed outside your unit entrance. Fresh linen is available upon request.

Extra toilet paper, dishwasher powder and trash bags are available upon request.

Check-Out Procedures

Checkout is 10am on Saturday. Please leave your keys in your unit. If you are departing before your scheduled time please notify the Timeshare Front Desk. If you are departing when our office is closed, please notify the Timeshare Front Desk in advance. In order for housekeeping to get rooms prepared for incoming guests, it is extremely important that you follow these instructions, and check-out in a timely manner. Your account or exchange deposit will be charged a minimum $60 cleaning fee if your unit is left excessively dirty or if you do not follow the checklist.


Check-Out List

  • All dirty bed linens should be removed from the beds and towels removed from the bathrooms.
  • Please place bagged towels and pillows cases together and bagged sheets separately.
  • All food and drink should be removed from the refrigerator.
  • All trash, cigarette debris and other disposables should be bagged in the provided yellow trashbag, closed and placed inside the pelican trashcans near the elevators. 
  • All dirty dishes and utensils should be placed in the dishwasher, and the dishwasher should be started.


Please Note: All check-outs after 10:00am on Saturday will be charged $50 per hour.

Please Dial: 4200 if you need anything for your room.