Sands Ocean Club Timeshare guest, we can’t wait to see you soon! We are also happy to inform you that your Timeshare unit has been renovated. Over the course of three months, we have gotten rid of the old carpet and added vinyl flooring, added new curtains and received a fresh coat of paint. Our renovation process will begin April 8th an end April 30th, 2019, as we are bringing in new cabinetry to complete your unit. A s this is the best time of the year to finish up this renovation. If you are coming in April of 2019 we do want to apologize in advance. If you are staying with us in April, please work with us as we will only be in your room for a short time, and your Timeshare Director will be there to insure everything goes as planned. If you would like to move your week or weeks, please call the Timeshare office or go to our new website you are now able to exchange and upgrade at your own convenience.

Timeshare Director,

Jasmine Adams